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  • How much does it cost?

Whenever possible, we offer ‘flat-rate’ pricing. Our most popular, Option 1, starts at $59.95 and increases gradually depending on the number of units in your particular complex. There are group rate discounts for multiple properties. Option 1 is a combination of using Live Operators to dispatch urgent calls and an Automated System to handle general calls. Option 2 is a flat-rate of $50.95/month including 3 extensions, and can dial out to up to 8 sequential phone #s. For specifics on this and other Apartment options click here.

  • What is ‘Flat-Rate’ pricing?

This is a term referring to fixed, non-fluctuating rates. Options 1 and 2 are flat-rate. Option 3 – live operator is flat-rate for up to 100 calls, and has per call (NOT per minute charges thereafter.) Many services give the illusion of one price, but then have ‘hidden’ costs such as ‘extra per minute’ rates, holiday rates, or other ‘hidden’ fees. Prestige simply tells it like it is. You know what the cost is, before you use the service. If there is a need for a price increase we will tell you in advance, thus keeping the choice in your hands. In addition, Prestige has some of the lowest rates in the industry. (Some restrictions apply for excessive calling.)

  • How does it work?

When you can’t answer your phone, we will. You can use our assigned number to give out, but most offices transfer their calls or it can be set to automatically transfer after a certain # of rings to us after hours or during the day when they are too busy. We will then dispatch the calls according to your preferences. We are charged with creating a good image for you while you’re doing what you do best.

  • How do your calls get to you?

There are two basic ways this occurs: (1) your phone company, or in some instances your phone system, forwards your incoming calls to an alternate number. You leave, you forward, we answer. There are features you can include that will ‘automatically’ forward after so many rings. That way, if you’re busy on another call, the calls you’re not free to take are handled. This also precludes your forgetting to forward to the our System when you leave for the day. Alternatively, we do provide you a separate phone # that you can give out if you choose. Either way, we handle the calls you can’t or would rather defer.

  • What is an Automated Message Center?

Answering your phone calls professionally with a menu that directs calls or messages to specific people or departments. Most will have (A) Leasing (B) Courtesy Patrol (C) Maintenance or others. Our automated system will give them the option to leave their message in the proper place, to be handled by the proper people. For example: a call comes in; the caller chooses to leave maintenance a message about broken A/C unit; the AMC or Automated Messaging Center “knows” to call maintenance man Joe and route the call to him; if Joe doesn’t answer in a specific predetermined amount of time, it will then send the call to maintenance back up Jill; if she doesn’t respond, the call will then be routed to the Assistance manager,etc, up to 8 phone numbers sequentially.. All calls are recorded and time stamped, thus the supervisor or manager can keep track of what the sequence of events is. Most people find this system very convenient and time/effort saving.


  • What is the advantage of combination Live Operator-Automated System (Option1)?

Many people, more than ever, want the security of a live person to take calls. This is especially true in urgent maintenance calls for example. Thus our Option 1 couples the Automated Message Center with a Live Operator. The operator can screen the call, and assure the resident that their issue will be addressed. This “Live Operator” when necessary is why our Option 1 is our most popular.

  • How do I ‘tailor’ the system for my specific Apartment or Business?

At set up we provide forms that allow you to quickly and specifically ‘tailor’ our service to your community or business. We have many years of hands on experience and know most of the elements that arise. We also have experienced staff who will assist with the unique elements of your own apartment complex. Professional greetings (bilingual Spanish is available) are recorded and customized for your community. Keeping it simple: You sign up and we’ll take it from there.

  • How do I make necessary changes when I have Staff changes or other changes?

Twenty years in the industry has taught us the reality that the one thing we can be sure of is things will change. Staff changes, phone numbers change, hours change; new directives come from management; and a thousand things can shift. We’ve devised systems to make it easy to incorporate these changes into your Prestige answering system. We have automated systems that allow you to make the changes yourself; we have customer service staff you can call to make the changes. We’re there for you.

  • Why Choose Prestige?

If you’ll go to ‘What Our Customers Say’ you can hear it from them. We know the industry; we care about our customers. We’ve got over twenty years experience in the Apartment Service business; we can anticipate most of your needs. Our prices are very low and many people switch just to save on their bottom line; then they find out how well we take care of them and they stay with us from then on out. If there are issues, and any realistic person will know issues can arise, we do our best to fix them. As new technology becomes available we evaluate and incorporate those things that may add value to our customers. Prestige has a standard of business that still values our clients and attempts to treat our customer as family. It’s our job to take care of you and we take that job very seriously. We’re not looking for new clients, we’re looking for life-long clients, customers and friends.

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  • What is call blasting?