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Apartment Solutions

Option 2

Automated Message Center

Starts at

Option 2 Features
  • 24/7 Unlimited Automated Messaging
  • Customized phone menu routes calls


    • Press 1 for Leasing Office
    • Press 2 for Maintenance Emergency
    • Press 3 for Courtesy Officer
  • Emergency Messages dispatched instantly (transfers calls up to 8 phone numbers)
  • Messages recorded for message accuracy
  • Bilingual Spanish Options
  • Answers your office phone calls when you can’t
  • Additional local phone number included
  • Messages time stamped and recorded
  • Message retrieval by phone, email or online portal
  • View call logs and response times online for accountability
  • Answers multiple calls simultaneously
  • No equipment needed
  • Change on-call scheduling online immediately

*Includes 3 extensions (unlimited extensions available)

Most Popular Option!
Option 1

Automated Message Center
with Live Operator

Flat Rate Pricing
Starts at

Option 1 Features
  • Total Call Management 24/7 as needed
  • Professionally answers your office calls when you can’t
  • Bi-lingual Spanish Available
  • Emergency call screening – messages dispatched according to your preferences
  • Non-emergency messages recorded (available by phone or email audio file)
  • Phone number included with service
  • Custom greeting with menu (include office hours, options to transfer calls and property features if desired)
  • Voicemail interface routes calls to leave recorded message or speak with operator
  • Messages time stamped
  • Multiple calls can be answered simultaneously

* Group discounts may result in lower rate

Pricing based on number of apartment units

One-time setup fee includes greeting recordings.

Option 3

Live Operators

Starts at


Includes 75 Calls

Option 3 Features
  • Professional call management 24/7
  • Your calls answered professionally according to your preferences
  • No ‘extra’ charge for holidays, relays or per minute
  • Emergency messages will be promptly dispatched by phone, text or email
  • Calls are recorded and time stamped
  • General messages delivered according to your preferences
    • Email
    • Text
    • Fax

* Group discounts may apply
* Some restrictions apply

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